Richard KirkPurple Pig Sound is the current chapter of Mastering & Mixing Engineer/Producer Richard Kirk's career. Rich's 20+ years of experience has lead him to focus on mastering and production. "After several years of mastering, recording, producing and mixing, I was able to open my own mastering and mix/video production rooms. I really enjoy mastering, seeing a project come together, putting some glue on the mixes, assembling the songs. I love producing... getting a chance to create with the artist. We also offer HD video editing and DVD authoring to provide audio and video solutions for any situation."

Rich's musical journey has grown since playing drums and guitar throughout his rock/country/classic R&B childhood. He received his musical education in classical and jazz as a Music Ed/Percussion major at Concordia College in New York. Rich trained on drum kit, tympani, marimba, xylophone, piano and voice. He was also studying mandolin, ukelele, harmonica and bass. He transferred to William Paterson University (WPU) in New Jersey to go back to the recording/broadcast world, like back in high school. Rich was the "go-to audio geek" in the television station and recording studio. The same was true for the WPU radio station. Rich enjoyed being an on-air personality, and is still licensed by the FCC. Rich studied under audio guru Jim Barg, and received his Bachelor of Arts from WPU.

After college, Rich started his career as a chief recording engineer. He has been involved in many great sessions. "Different styles walk through the door. I feel so lucky, it's like the world comes to me."

Early in his career, Rich saw the need for a well-mastered project. "I started offering digital mastering services in 1998. Years later, my ears are better and so is the gear (laughs)."

"A song is like a family, it has different parts and personalities, but it is one. I guess like all of us... we're all one. You can really get to know people when you work on their songs, and it's special."

Richard Kirk - Mastering Engineer/Producer/Chief Editor/Mixer

Chris Schrumpf - Editor/Assistant Engineer

"Rich's talent, expertise and dedication in the fields of sound engineering and music production are simply extraordinary."
- Adam Rand, Life Improvement Press

"I've been working with Rich for over ten years, he's the best."
- Eban Brown, Smooth Jazz Artist

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